Boris FX will show the next version of its Boris Blue real-time 3D motion graphics software at the NAB show in Las Vegas, which begins on Saturday. Boris Blue 2.0 adds Avid plug-in support, additional features for composing effects in 3D, and adds new deformers and filters.

Boris Blue 2.0 is the first version of the software to be made available as an AVX plug-in for Avid systems. It offers a sophisticated realtime particle engine and the ability to create effects using 3D models in the Avid timeline. AVX plug-in integration eliminates the export and import of projects, which Boris FX says simplifies the online/offline workflow. Additionally, Blue effects can now be saved into Avid bins for re-use.

"We are very excited about bringing an OpenGL hardware rendering solution to Avid editors via Avid's AVX RT plug-in interface," says Boris Yamnitsky, founder and president of Boris FX. "For the first time, Avid editors will be able to edit extruded text and imported 3D models right inside the Avid timeline without needing to render in another application. The RT architecture of AVX 2.0 has proven to be an excellent platform for Boris Blue real time performance."

New tools include improved 3D interactors for objects, cameras, lights and split views. Users can simultaneously display and work with multiple perspectives of the 3D Scene in the Composite Window, which Boris FX says makes it faster and easier to create sophisticated 3D scenes and animations.

3D Camera improvements allows cameras to automatically stay focused on a particular object or point in the scene while animating through 3D space. The expanded effects pallete includes Curl and Shatter, as well as Glow and Film Process. Accelerated filters include Lens Flare, Glint and much more expand the range of looks and effects that can be created.

Boris Blue 2.0 will be available mid-April for $995 (around £505). Boris Red owners can add Boris Blue 2.0 for $295 (£150). Existing Boris Blue owners will be able to download the update for free from the Boris FX Web site.