Boris has announced version 6.0 of the company’s widely used Boris FX effects suite for editing and compositing applications. The upgrade adds new types of effects including natural filters and particles, compositing tools and support for After Effects plug-ins. Boris FX 6.0’s natural filters include clouds, fire, rain, snow, comets, sparks and stars. According to the company they include a wide variety of interaction and compositing options using alpha channels. There are also lighting filters with simulated extrusions, bump maps and gel and matte effects. The compositing tools offer 27 apply modes for each layer in Boris FX. They also include motion blur, displacement maps, and a Smart View that automatically updates the timeline based upon user choices within Boris FX. The upgrade also adds audio handling to Boris FX’s repertoire. The package includes audio import and a playback scratch audio track with a timeline waveform display and level controls. Real-time scrubbing is included, as is syncronized audio during preview to RAM. Boris FX runs on Windows and Mac platforms and supports After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Canopus systems, DPS Velocity, Fast studio.DV, Incite, Speed Razor, Media Studio Pro and Online Express. The Pro version of the package adds Xpress, Xpress DV, Media Composer, Symphony, Edit, Purple, Silver, Media 100 i, iFinish, DVEdit, Newsbyte and the ES-3. Boris FX 6.0 will ship in June for $495. The Pro version costs $995. Upgrades to both versions cost $199. UK pricing is yet to be set.