Bored Solutions is an elegantly designed antidote to lockdown blues

No plans for the weekend? Finished with Tiger King?

We may not know who's behind it, but whoever created website Bored Solutions must be a design whizz with a good eye for user experience - just tick one of the coloured squares and ovals on offer to be transported to one of the many challenges out there to help you fight boredom during lockdown.

The geniuses behind it must, like the rest of us, have a lot of free time on their hands, as the list of things to do here is exhaustive. You could scroll for ages and find something you'd never considered before, like Study Space at MIT or pickle 'like a pro.'

For us creatives, there are chances to learn calligraphy and master the basics of animation listed on the site. As the page says, it's the perfect place to find ideas of things to learn, make & do while self-isolating.

More activities will be added to the site as they come, and you can even filter the current selection by time and field.

Have they missed anything? Then email [email protected] with your suggestions.

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