User-designed book publishing company Blurb has released Blurb BookSmart 2.0, the software used to create each book's layout. It's also introduced a new 12x12 Large Square book type, which is available in Hardcover and Hardcover ImageWrap, and can be ordered with Premium Paper.

Blurb says that BookSmart 2.0 includes many new features that give creative professionals full control in the customisation of their book layouts, down to the pixel. The introduction of flexible containers allows bookmakers to control the size, location, layers and content type of all elements on the page. It gains precision toolbars, gridlines for quick visual guidance, and the ability to save designed pages as custom layouts for reuse.

BookSmart 2.0 also features improved image and text handling, including the ability to find and replace text, and faster loading and caching of images. Additional features include 24-bit color support, and support for Vista.

Blurb BookSmart 2.0 is available for download immediately at from the Blurb Web site.