Blue designed and created the title sequence for Britain’s Vanishing Views as well as completing post production for the show. The five-part series was produced by Reef Television and aired on Five at 12pm everyday from December 1-5.

The show features architect Ptolemy Dean who sketches famous views before they disappear forever. He begins by visiting Sheffield's iconic cooling towers before they were demolished in August, having stood alongside the M1 for decades. He also meets locals to hear their views on the buildings' destruction.

According to Monika Bienkowska, graphic designer at blue, the titles design was a very fluid process: "We came up with a few ideas and Reef chose one which we progressed with. But as the angle for the programme changed as time went on, so did the concept for the titles."

Monika used After Effects to combine video footage of changing landscapes with animated drawings based on Ptolemy Dean’s sketches. "The series is all about landscapes in flux so we made the video footage appear as though it’s ripping through the drawings to reflect the dramatically changed landscapes,” she said. “It was the first time I’d created this kind of effect so I learnt some new things about using After Effects."