For truTV, which is set to launch the high-impact, "actuality" series Maui Chopper, Blue Room has once again designed and produced a show package including a full graphic open (with a 3D chopper), logo, and a variety of show elements including lower thirds, bumpers, animated transitions and sponsor identification. Maui Chopper, about rescue helicopter pilots working over the wind-swept Hawaiian island, premieres in the US on December 8.

Maui Chopper follows the Maui Search and Rescue helicopter team as they battle the elements to save the lives of stranded hikers caught in flash floods, surfers beaten by massive waves, and anyone else who finds themselves in trouble in paradise. The high action drama unfolds as the team performs rescues in high wind and dangerous weather on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. Aside from the rescues the pilot team engages in police and federal assignments.

For this series, Blue Room created a graphics package that plays up the dynamic elements of the chopper, its cockpit graphics and the breathtaking environment. Creative director Brian Aumueller of Blue Room, the award-winning creative services agency, explained their process.

"The material presented us with the necessary insight and inspiration. We played strongly off the spinning helicopter blades and the yellows and reds that come directly from the choppers the rescuers are flying. A number of our supporting elements were inspired by the cockpit of the chopper and we utilized a variety of dials and instruments in the graphic treatment.

"The blades themselves, as a design element, made their way directly into the logo. Finally, the show footage was beautifully shot so we had a wealth of gorgeous images to chose from for the final shot."

Blue Room utilized Maya, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop in the execution of this project.