For US sports network ESPN’s 2009 College Basketball season, agency Blue Room NYC has created a topical graphics promotion package and toolkit. Produced in HD 720p, the package includes opening animation, transitions, various mortises/framing devises, endpage toolkit, player and team match-up toolkit, custom backplates, artwork prepared for and original music, all of which will be used to create 30-second, 15-second, 10-second and 5-second spots to begin airing across the US on all ESPN networks from January 7.

An example of how the graphics package will be used can be seen here.

Blue Room NYC developed the graphics package that can be used to promote a diverse range of teams. It will be utilized extensively throughout the season and will serve as an instantly identifiable look exclusive to ESPN's College Basketball promotion. Blue Room provided the ESPN producers with a complete graphics toolkit, including full resolution QuickTimes, so they can create daily/weekly topical promos, and delivered a mix of After Effects toolkits and kits for Smoke operators.

“We wanted to get away from traditional looking sports packages and utilize the colours and texture of the basketball court. Floorboards and vectorized images of players became motivating design elements for the action, and the action lives on a textured white backdrop layered with key, post, and three point lines," explained Brian Aumueller, Creative Director of Blue Room.

"Also, there is an ever greater demand for kits that give the client the freedom to customize spots, to be able to swap, take apart and reassemble elements to give each individual promo its own punch. The key is to get those elements to flow as if they are one continuous graphic treatment," continued Aumueller.

Blue Room utilized Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D in the execution of this project.