Dutch 3D developer Not a Number has released a $295, more professional version of its freeware Blender 3D modelling, animation and rendering suite. Blender Publisher adds more features for managing content and exporting it for multimedia and Web use. Publisher allows users to optimize and export materials in NaN’s own Web 3D format, which uses the Blender 3D browser plug-in. Multimedia creatives can export animations as Windows and Unix executables – and Publisher also offers interactive integration with Director, PowerPoint and Word. Users can also lock materials and add their signature. The $295 version of Blender Publisher is licensed to a single user and content created with it is limited to 1,000 copies. A $695 multiple user license allows up to 15 installations and 15,000 copies. An unlimited license allows any number of installations within a single company and unlimited content use – and $2,995. Blender Publisher is available for Windows, Linux, Irix, Solaris, FreeBSD – with a Mac OS X version shipping in December. NaN claim that the release of Publisher will not affect the development of the freeware Blender 3D, with Publisher updated to work with new features as they are added to Blender 3D.