Pro video capture card maker Blackmagic Design has confirmed that its line of Blackmagic PCI Express-based video capture cards and Multibridge I/O devices will support Apple's new Mac Pro.

Supported products include Blackmagic's DeckLink HD Extreme, DeckLink HD Pro 4:4:4 PCIe, DeckLink SP PCIe, DeckLink Extreme PCIe, Multibridge Extreme and Multibridge Pro.

Blackmagic Design has tested the new Mac Pro with 3 500MB Serial ATA (SATA) disks configured with RAID 0 and learned that the new system can transfer data to the disk array at approximately 170MB per second -- this lets pro video editors and producers build lower cost HD disk arrays for capture and playback, according to the company.

The compatibility with the new Mac Pro will be achieved using a software update that will be available later this week. The update will be a free download from Blackmagic Design's Web site.