A better Blender guide

Not a Number has announced that it will release the full manual for its Blender 2.0 3D modelling and animation tool at the end of January 2001. Blender 2.0, aka gameBlender, was released earlier this year, but was made available with only basic instructions. The official Blender 2.0 guide includes three sections. The first part introduces the package for new users, while the second part explores each toolset included in the packages with demos and examples. The final part is a comprehensive reference library. The manual costs 59 Euros (around £37). Blender is available for Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, Irix, Solaris and BeOS. A Mac version for OS X will be released around the same time as that platform. The company has also announced that it is working with Ericsson towards creating a technology for placing 3D models on mobile phone screens, perhaps as part of adding a Gameboy-type games to future mobile models. Also on the way is the limited edition Ka-ra artbook, which includes 3D images created in Blender by graphic designer Shigeto Maeda. This will ship on January 1 2001 and costs 65 Euros (around £40).

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