Behind the scenes on the Sugababes' new video

The video for the Sugababes' new single, 'Denial', is a sumptuously over-the-top affair, directed by Harvey B-Brown. The single is the third to come from their fifth album 'Change', and features the all-girl pop trio flitting through a range of costumes and guises, filmed using a similarly diverse range of cameras – including 16mm, Bolex, Super 8 and 3 stills cameras.

The video was produced by Crossroads, and is Harvey B-Brown's first solo directing assignment. Post-production was handled by Golden Square. To achieve the video's glossy, high-fashion feel, a Smoke system was used, with Harvey B-Brown working closely with Golden Square's Smoke artist, Aman Kang.

Post-production tasks included dramatic colour correction, vignetting, masking out small parts of each frame to highlight one element, were all techniques used to create luxuriant, opulent visuals that capture the buzz, attitude and posing of a high-fashion shoot.


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