Bauhaus has announced support for Leitch Velocity and VelocityQ NLE in Mirage in a LockStep plug-in. Owners of Leitch Reality and Quattrus hardware acting as a frame-buffer for Mirage can view the results of their work in Mirage on an external NTSC/PAL monitor in real-time.

Bauhaus Mirage is a real-time video paint, animation and effects system for animated graphics, 2D animation and special effects creation. Mirage also supports Velocity’s native .DPS file format, providing faster import/export of video without the needing to compress/decompress.

Built on the Quattrus hardware platform, VelocityQ features real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video, up to six graphics streams and a choice of two or four channels of 3D DVE. The Quattrus hardware also supports compressed and uncompressed video playback and recording, and includes an integrated SCSI controller, professional I/O, multi-channel audio, video mixing and keying and alpha channel support, all on a single PCI card.

Velocity features the same software interface running on the dual-stream Reality hardware, featuring real-time performance of two video streams, two graphics streams and optional single-channel 3D DVE.