Bauhaus Software has announced an update to Mirage, its real-time video-compositing, animation and paint program with OS X support and Roto-tracking tools.

Version 1.2 is the first to add full Mac OS X support. Although Bauhaus intended to support both Windows and Mac from the first release of Mirage, Mac users have had to use a pre-release version up to now.

Mirage 1.2 also boosts the suitability of the tool for compositing tasks by including Roto-tracking tools, allowing users to track and effect elements from animation and video layers. Bauhaus also claims new graphical adjustment tools for ease-in-ease-out editing.

The product is available immediately, Bauhaus claims, and the price remains unchanged from previous versions, at $895.

The ‘true’ natural media-based paint system set Mirage apart from competing systems such as Adobe and Boris FX, which use vector-paint systems. The paint-based toolset was the widest and most creative available for compositors and animators when we reviewed the first version. The addition of Roto-tracking tools may help in making the tool a true all-rounder.