Bare Bones Software has announced the release of BBEdit 8.0, the next major version of the company's HTML and text editor. BBEdit 8.0 ships with over 100 new features and enhancements, according to the developer.

Among the new features is a Documents Drawer, which presents a list of open documents in an editing window and switches to another document with a keystroke or mouse click. Navigation Bar, which can work on its own or with Documents Drawer, provides an alternate interface for switching between documents in a window.

BBEdit 8.0 also includes a new feature called Text Factories. With Text Factories, users can create a list of individual text-processing operations and apply them in order and with corresponding options, over a designated document, or set of documents and folders.

No scripting or programming is necessary to create a Text Factory, according to Bare Bones. A Text Factory may run in the background, may include AppleScripts or Unix scripts and may be saved for future use.

Other changes to the application include numerous enhancements to the HTML markup tools, improved Unicode support, and integrated support for Perforce.

Until October 31 BBEdit 8.0 is available for $179 (around £100), with a suggested retail price of $199 (£110) thereafter. Anyone who purchased BBEdit after June 1 this year is eligible to receive a free upgrade. BBEdit 8.0 requires Mac OS X 10.3.5.