Avid plans to release future versions of Xpress DV for both Mac OS X and Windows. In fact, both versions will be identical in features and in file and project compatibility, according to an abcdv.com report. Avid Xpress DV is the company's solution for non-linear editing. Avid Xpress DV's toolset includes professional video editing, effects, audio, titling, compositing, graphics, interoperability and digital delivery tools. The software supports a variety of DV cameras and decks, as well as a number of video transcoders. Last week Promax - a provider of turnkey DV, SD and HD digital video editing systems - showed a demo of Avid Xpress DV 3, according to abcdv.com. The software update will include: Real-time preview of over 100 effects, including Multiple effects; -- A tweakable setting in XDV3 to minimize the delay of the video on the client monito; -- A Dual Source/Record window option; -- A faster rendering engine; -- Dual processor support; --The ability to capture long files in one go, and let XDV3 find the cuts and make subclips out of it or place locaters in the clip, to easily find the start and stops of the camera; -- Improved key framing; -- Improved file-format support, including enhanced handling of Photoshop files; -- Eight layers instead of four; -- The ability to have different workspaces for different parts of the editing process; -- A Composer-Style full source/record window; -- An effects editing space and audio sweetening space; -- A "super bin" feature designed to save space. Abcdv.com says that XDV3 will also sport a new proprietary Avid DV Codec. Version 2 used a Canopus DV codec. The article reports that upgrades will be around £130 or less, "depending on your current version and when you bought it." The release date is February 14 with the Mac OS X version "a bit further down the road," probably in June.