On the eve of Siggraph in Los Angeles, Avid has announced significant price cuts across its recently released Softimage|XSI 4.0 family of 3D modelling, animation and rendering suites.

In the most dramatic move, Softimage|XSI Foundation, the entry level version, has dropped in price from £1,399 to £299, plus VAT.

Softimage|XSI Essentials, which includes flexibility and customisation for an integrated pipeline environment, rigid and soft body dynamics, advanced character rig systems and an SDK is now available for £1,275, down from £2.599, plus VAT.

Softimage|XSI Adavanced, now priced at £4,485, down from £5,899, plus VAT, features deep customisation features and flexibility and includes professional-quality compositing, resolution-independent paint, hair, and fur, Syflex cloth and a powerful rendering engine.

For a limited time, Avid will also be providing a suite of training DVDs, with nearly 50 hours of materials, free with each purchase of Softimage|XSI.

In a separate announcement, Avid also announced greater interoperability between Softimage|XSI and a number of other products such as Alienbrain Studio and Avid DS Nitris.