Avid is including SmartSound's Sonicfire Pro 4.2 music scoring software with the latest release of Media Composer, Avid's line of professional video editing systems.

Sonicfire Pro lets users create customized music scores for their video presentations using a feature called "Mood Mapping", which provides dynamic control over the mix and feel of the score. Editors can adjust instrument layers in the music to match what's happening on the video. The software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. Sonicfire Pro can edit soundtracks to match any length; more than 1,500 music tracks are available.

Avid's bundle of Sonicfire Pro 4.2 is a fully-licensed version with 20 music tracks; not only is the software included with Media Composer, but Avid is also bundling it with Xpress Pro and Xpress Studio HD.