Curious Labs - better known for its Poser and Poser Pro Pack software - has launched Avatar Lab, software for creating 3D avatars for Adobe Atmosphere. The company says Avatar Lab lets users create richly detailed, low poly models of Avatars based on its Poser technology. Based on a modular system, it lets designers mix-&-match parts to create smooth-skinned, single-mesh 3D characters. Curious Labs says shapes can be selected from libraries of pre-built body parts, with over 200 million different models possible. Textures can be modified, props and animations added. All content, including associated JavaScript, .mts and .mtx ViewPoint components, and .aer Atmopshere files are created automatically. A Face Room also features, says the company, which allows the user to import facial photographs and create personalized 3D heads. Curious Labs says the base geometry is matched to a front and side photograph, and the images blended together to create a singular texture map. A real-time preview and texture map window is included. Shipping now for Windows, it costs around £70, with an introductory price of around £50 if purchased before January 1, 2002. You can purchase it directly from Curious Lab's Web site.