Autodesk has introduced SketchBook Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch. SketchBook Mobile is billed as a professional-grade paint and drawing application that offers a full set of sketching tools in a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The application uses the same engine as SketchBook Pro, promising much of the same power and functionality as the desktop application.

SketchBook Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch offers a combination of digital pencils, pens, markers and airbrushes, as well as an artist-friendly, gesture-based user interface, which enables users, those with nimble fingers at least, to create everything from quick sketches to print-quality production artwork.

Autodesk has set up a YouTube channel and Flickr group to show what is possible from the mobile application. The results appear impression, with a high level of detail from a range of artists, designers and illustrators.

SketchBook Pro comes with 25 preset brushes and customisable brush settings, customisable colour swatches and a colour wheel with RGB sliders provide a virtually unlimited palette and adds the ability to create images which contain up to six layers.

Content that is created in SketchBook Mobile can be saved as a picture and opened in SketchBook Pro

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, SketchBook Mobile costs £1.79 and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update or later.

A free Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express application is also available on the Apple iTunes App Store.