Autodesk is offering users of 3ds Max 2010 a free selection of plant and tree models from Xfrog. The models are highly realistic and described as 'render-quality' by Autodesk. They're available through the company's Seek web service of free models that's primarily aimed at users working in architecture and engineering projects, but the models could as easily be incorporated into an entertainment project.

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Xfrog libraries are created from original photos, reference sketches, books and real samples of each plant. Bark, leaves and petals are scanned to create high-quality, realistic models. Users can download TIF texture files, as well as ZIP files that contain multiple versions of the vegetation--- representing different ages, seasons, colours and sizes in varying amounts of detail. The detailed vegetation can also be simplified using the enhanced ProOptimiser in 3ds Max Design 2010, or the Polygon Reduction Tool in Autodesk Maya 2009 software.

The Xfrog content is now available on Autodesk Seek for 3ds Max Design 2010, Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 and Maya 2009 from

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