Following a spat caused by Autodesk revoking The Foundry's development licence for plug-ins for Autodesk's high-end visual effects systems, the two companies seem to resolved the issue. The Foundry has announced that, under 'an exclusive arrangement with Autodesk', it's going to continue to support and develop plug-ins for systems such as Flame, Inferno and Smoke.

The Foundry had previously been winding down support and development for its Keylight, Tinder and Furnance plug-ins on Autodesk System products following Autodesk’s termination of The Foundry’s Authorised Developer Network programme membership at the end of 2008. Autodesk said that it revoked the licence because The Foundry's Nuke compositing system was a rival to its own products. Being part of the programme gave The Foundry detailed information about Autodesk's systems products, which Autodesk didn't want a competitor to have.

The Foundry’s CEO, Bill Collis, commented: "We are delighted that a workable solution has been reached. Since The Foundry’s inception, we have worked very closely with our Autodesk customers to develop tools that artists find genuinely useful. It would have been extremely sad to be forced to abandon this community when sales demand for our Sparks are at an all time high. We can now confidently look forward to continuing these long-established relationships."

When it looked like the plug-ins had no future, The Foundry slashed their prices. The company says that the price cut will continue until Feb 14, when prices will revert to normal. All products purchased during the price-cut will be fully supported.