Autodesk has released a statement responding to comments from The Foundry regarding the former's ending of a development agreement with the latter. The Foundry announced on Monday that Autodesk had revoked its licence as part of Autodesk's Developer Network, which meant it couldn't guarantee the future of its Furnace, Tinder and Keylight Sparks plug-ins for Autodesk's high-end systems including Flame and Inferno.

Autodesk's statement reads;

"In December 2008, Autodesk advised The Foundry that Autodesk would not renew the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) agreement between Autodesk and The Foundry for the year 2009. Autodesk undertook this decision for business reasons – namely that The Foundry now develops and sells Nuke.

Please note that this decision does not ban the Foundry from making or selling plug-ins for Autodesk Systems products. However, it does remove access to the support structure for developing plug-ins for Autodesk Systems products.

Autodesk is actively trying to find a solution that works for both Autodesk and The Foundry."

As part of the announcement, The Foundry said it was dropping the price of the Furnace and Tinder plug-ins to US$1,000/£650 plus VAT, and Keylight to $500/£325 plus VAT. The announcement doesn't affect the After Effects or OFX versions of these plug-ins.