Bauhaus Software has announced Mirage, a real-time compositing application that has grown out of Aura, which was previous distributed by NewTek. Both tools use technology developed by French software house TVPaint, which saw its development agreement with NewTek come to an end in April and began an new agreement with newly-emerged Bauhaus in July. According to Bauhaus, Mirage offers a real-time video paint system with support for 64-bit colour and sub-pixel accuracy. There are many natural media tools including an animated brush called an animbrush, plus tools for drawing, filing, and text. The animation system features a layer-based paint animation interface, including keyframing and motion-path tools. Mirage supports infinite layers with, colour/luminance/difference keying with colour suppression, four-point tracking, and two-point image stabilization. Mirage’s colour-correction tools include HSV controls and LUT tables, histogram, and colour region-independent colour channel controls. The applications effects include particles, lens flare, volumetric lighting, plasma effects, perlin noise, lighting, halftone, mirror, cloning, mosaic, negative, noise, and more. The $899 (around £559) application runs on Windows XP and Mac OS X. A pre-release will ship on August 11 for existing customers of NewTek Aura, Video Toaster, and LightWave. The final release will ship on October 15.