Creative agency Attik and animation studio Shilo have teamed up to create some energetic spots for the Attik-designed campaign, titled Brand Manifesto, for US car manufacturer Scion.

The campaign spans TV, print, and billboards, as well as an online element, which was launched yesterday. It targets young consumers and "creative trendleaders".

Attik co-founder Simon Needham says: "With this new Brand Manifesto campaign, we set out to re-introduce Scion to young, urban consumers by reinforcing the company's unique position as an authentic brand that is all about creativity and individuality."

Shilo collaborated with Attik to create a 30-second spot, titled xD Explosion, in which Scion cars move so fast that they explode into a slogan, before the slogan disintegrates back into a car.

The Brand Manifesto campaign also includes two custom microsites that invite audience participation.

The first, Pixel Reveal (, invites visitors to register to win a highly customized Scion worth over $34,000, and to visit the site every day to remove more pixels; as the number of registrants and daily visits climb, the million-pixel site will reveal more of the grand prize Scion, which will be awarded to the registrant revealing the last pixel.

The second site, entitled Speechifier, allows visitors to enter their own manifestos to automatically generate video versions of their messages using a montage of video clips. Personal manifestos created at the site can then be embedded into social media sites.