ATI, together with Intel and Pinnacle, has demonstrated High Definition (HD) video editing on the PC at the Intel Developer's Forum in San Francisco, opening up the possibility of consumer and prosumer HD video-editing applications.

Enabled by the high bandwidth ability of PCI Express, the demonstration used an ATI PCI Express visual processing unit (VPU) and PCI Express interconnect incorporated directly into the graphics chip. ATI claims that PCI Express will overcome current bandwidth limitations and dramatically change the video, gaming and graphics experience.

Generally, real-time high-quality video editing requires access to expensive machines. ATI claims that the IDF demonstration shows how useful PCI Express is for bringing HD video editing to the consumer- and prosumer-level. With standard AGP, much higher rates of scaling would be required for real-time editing.

ATI expects that other manufacturers will soon start to incorporate PCI Express in their components to compliment ATI's PCI Express products and that ATI will soon develop a family of PCI Express graphics cards.