ATI has announced the Imageon 2260, its latest 2D processor for mobile phones and PDAs. ATI claims that the power-efficient chip will bring to mobile devices the imaging quality associated with entry-level digital cameras.

The Imageon 2260 offers several improvements over the current Imageon 2200 mobile graphics processor. Most important is the increased resolution for digital stills capture -- up to 2 Megapixels JPEG support from VGA support with the 2200. The other major improvements claimed by ATI are full hardware support for MPEG-4 and increased embedded memory for QCGA resolution.

The chip supports video recording, playback or streaming at CIF resolution (352-x-288 pixel) with rates up to 30 frames-per-second (encode and decode), plus simultaneous encode and decode for video conferencing.

The Imageon 2260 offers fully self-contained graphics, video and imaging capabilities to perfectly complement mobile devices, claims ATI. The chip will be available to manufacturers later this year.