ATI has announced a new workstation-class graphics card, the FireGL X3-256, to be launched at Siggraph 2004 in Los Angeles next week.

The mid-range AGP card, priced at around $1099 (£610), is aimed at visual effects designers, and claims a 30 per cent performance increase over the previous generation of FireGL products.

The FireGL X3-256 includees dual DVI connectors for multi-display applications, dual link support for 9Mp displays, stereo 3D capabilities with quad-buffered support, 12 pixel pipelines, six geometry engines, increased sub-pixel precision and 256MB of GDDR3 memory.

The FireGL X3-256 will be available later this month through workstation manufacturers and resellers. The FireGL X3-256 joins the existing AGP products in the FireGL family including the FireGL X2-256t, the entry-level FireGL T2-128 and the Mobility FireGL T2 processor for mobile workstations. Complementing the AGP line-up, the FireGL Visualization series offers solutions for PCI Express based systems.