ATI has launched four workstation-class graphics cards redesigned to support the new, faster PCI Express interface. The new ‘Visualization’ series consists of the high-end FireGL V7100, mid-range FireGL V5100, and the entry-level FireGL V3200 and the FireGL V3100. ATI claims that native implementation of the PCI Express architecture brings significant bandwidth and feature improvements.

Dinesh Sharma, Director of Workstation Products at ATI said: "Not only can users benefit from the increased bandwidth of the new bus with simultaneous upstream and downstream traffic, but features such as stereo 3D, dual link, and increased vertex processors and pixel pipelines will result in significant performance benefits to workstation customers."

The FireGL V7100 doubles the rendering of ATI’s previous high-end FireGL product, according to ATI, bringing benefits to users of high-end 3D applications as Maya and Softimage|XSI. The V7100 has 256MB of memory, a VPU with 16 pixel pipelines and six vertex processors. It supports dual DVI configurations and can support ultra-high resolution 9Mp displays.

The FireGL V5100 has 128MB, a VPU with twelve pixel pipelines and six vertex processors and has dual DVI outputs. The FireGLV3200 offers 128 MB of memory, 4 pixel pipelines and 2 vertex processors. The FireGL V3100 also offers 128 MB of memory, 4 pixel pipelines and 2 vertex processors, with dual display support via VGA and DVI outputs.