Phantasm CS, the Illustrator colour-control plug-in, has been extended with a range of essential new professional-led design and publishing tools. The new features can be found in two new variations; Phantasm CS Designer and Phantasm CS Studio, each progressively adding to the original and popular Phantasm CS toolset – which remains available separately.

Phantasm CS Designer is intended for professional freelance designers and publishers who are looking for even greater control of their colours (Duotones, Swap Channels and Tint/Temperature) and exciting new creative possibilities offered with vector Halftones.

Phantasm CS Studio builds on this catering for small to large design studios, publishers and printers with essential and much sought-after native colour control and checking tools including separations, ink coverage and in-line embedded image editing.

As with Phantasm CS, the new Designer and Studio editions are available for Mac OS X and Windows, with versions available for Illustrator CS, CS2 and CS3.

Phantasm CS Designer costs $95 (£47) plus VAT, with Phantasm CS Studio being $175 (£86) plus VAT. For such professional and essential toolsets, this represents amazing value. Existing customers are able to upgrade between versions at cost-difference.

A new combined Trial version of Phantasm CS | Designer | Studio is also available. Whilst maintaining the free basic unlimited Brightness/Contrast Filter and Effect, it now provides a much greater insight into the Filters offered as well as allowing limited experimentation with the Output Preview, Separations and Edit Image tools.