DoodleBOT is the English name for GarabatoBOT, created by Spanish Aerospace Engineering student Miguel Ángel de Fruto. The aim behind the robot is pretty simple: attach it to a surface, connect it to your laptop, and it will draw the design you command it to.

It's made out a few 3D printed parts, which connect the two stepper motors to the power driver, Arduino board and Bluetooth--and batteries of course. Two pulleys help you string DoodleBOT to the surface and keep it balanced (as yet there is nothing to help the poor robot grip to its canvas). To get it doing its thing, place a pen, pencil or brush in the holder and turn on Bluetooth. Once connected to your computer, use the arrow keys to direct DoodleBOT, and off it goes!

Miguel is still working on the robot, to get it working with Microsoft's Kinect (you could use arm movements instead of arrows) and to remove the limitation of needing a constant line. With an extra servomotor, Miguel believes he could create dotted lines and other complicated patterns.

DoodleBOT may be very simple and not the most good looking robot out there, but you have to love the amazing designs it's capable of, and the ease of controlling its movements. Check it out in the video below, or here.