Apple has released the the 5.1.2 update to the Mac maker's Final Cut Pro video editing software, which was announced at the IBC show earlier this month.

The update enables Motion's real-time plug-ins -- including some of those bundled with the application - to be used within Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 enhances support for Sony's XDCAM, Panasonic's P2 and HDV. Previous releases of Final Cut Pro supported the 25Mbps CBR version of XDCAM, but 5.1.2 adds support for 18Mbps and 35Mbps video -- plus XDCAM IMX 30. Apple has also boosted integration between Final Cut Pro and the freely-downloadable XDCAM Transfer import and asset control tool.

The P2 import tool has been expanded to allow more information about clips -- and now subclips -- to be accessed from within Final Cut Pro. Support for 24P and 25P versions of HDV have been added, allowing footage captured on the UK version of JVC's HD100 camcorder to be edited natively in FCP.

The update is available here or via Mac OS X's Software Update function.