Apple has posted an iPhone accessories Web page that offers details on the Apple-branded accessories you can get for your new iPhone. The company has also posted there an image of the "Works with iPhone" logo that it will use on certified devices from third parties.

The page lists devices like the iPhone Bluetooth Headset, USB power adapter, dock, dock connector to USB cable, dual dock for both the iPhone and the headset, stereo headset and more. Prices range from US$9 (for the TTY Adapter) to $179 (for an AirPort Extreme Base Station).

The "Works with iPhone" logo is reminiscent of the "Made for iPod" logo -- it depicts a stylized iPhone icon on the left side.

"Look for the 'Works with iPhone' logo to find electronic accessories designed to connect specifically to iPhone and certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards," reads the Web page.

Apple also has helpful advice for users considering using their existing iPod accessories with the iPhone. Most iPod accessories equipped with a 30-pin connector may work with the iPhone, said Apple, but it may be necessary to switch the iPhone to "Airplane Mode," which turns off its ability to make or receive calls. This can avoid potential audio interference.