Apple is now taking pre-orders for the next major update to the company's professional grade music applications, Logic and Logic Express. The update, which brings both applications to version 7.1, will ship on DVD and will cost $19.95.

The update includes expanded Apple loops integration and the ability to convert your ReCycle files into Apple Loops by dragging them into the Arrange window. The update also offers full plug-in delay compensation which now corrects for latency produced on bus, auxiliary, and output channels in addition to every other path in the native audio mixer, according to Apple.

New plug-ins include a Bass Amp, Enhanced Timing plug-in and two new Hybrid Synth instruments. You can also now move, copy and swap plug-ins between Channel Strip Inserts using the new Hand Tool in either the Arrange window or Track Mixer.

In addition to other plug-in enhancements, the update also adds support for nine controller devices: Korg KONTROL49 and MicroKONTROL, Frontier Design Groups Tranzport, Tascam US-2400 and FW-1082, JL Cooper CS-32 and FaderMaster 4/100.

Several other enhancements to streamline workflow and increase performance have also been done for this update.