Apple has released Motion, its long-awaited real-time motion graphics design software application. The software, which made its debut at NAB in April, integrates with Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, and costs £170 plus VAT.

Motion uses "Behaviors" -- procedural animation techniques that simulate gravity or wind, attraction and repulsion between multiple objects and other activities. This enables Motion users to generate sophisticated motion effects without having to deal with keyframes.

A keyframe editor makes it possible for users to plot values at specific frames, however. Also included is a particle engine that lets users turn any graphic element on the screen into a particle and then modified to create customized special effects.

Also included is Compressor, Apple's compression and encoding software that enables users to encode QuickTime files to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Integrated into Motion is PrimatteRT, a chroma matting product.

Apple has also introduced Production Suite, a bundle bringing together Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3 and Motion. Production Suite costs £765 plus VAT. Final Cut Pro users can upgrade to Production Suite for £425 plus VAT.