Apple has revealed plans for a US tour of Final Cut Studio 2, the new version of its suite of pro video editing software.

Apple is offering tours in eight major American cities: Washington DC, Seattle, Miami, Hollywood, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and New York City. It's free to register, and Apple is offering two separate tour tracks: Final Cut Studio 2: What's new, and Final Cut Studio 2: Overview.

Both take place in the afternoon and evening, from 3:00 to 9:00PM with three "What's New" sessions: Motion 3 in Depth, Soundtrack Pro in Depth, and Introducing Color. The "Final Cut Studio 2: Overview" presentation and demo explains how the suite of applications included in Final Cut Studio 2 integrate and provide you with the tools you need to do your pro video work. Apple is also combining all four sessions (with a break in between "Introducing Color" and "Final Cut Studio 2 Integration").

The Final Cut Studio 2 Tour takes place from May 15, 2007 through July 19, 2007 depending on the city. Apple advises users interested in the session to sign up quickly, as space is limited.