Apple has launched the long-awaited upgrade to its digital-video editing software, Final Cut Pro. Version 2 sees the addition of real-time editing, the ability to take footage from most popular formats, including DV, Beta SP, and HD (High Definition). Apple says the new release is tuned to take advantage of its G4 processor, with the company claiming a speed gain of up to 70 per cent on its dual-processor systems. Features include: a professional three-point editing model, including drag-&-drop and trim-on-the-fly video; 99 layers of text, video, and graphics; FX scripting language plus Adobe After Effects plug-in support; output to Web video with the bundled Media Cleaner EZ; dual-output; and the ability to work with Apple DVD Studio Pro to create DVDs. UK pricing has yet to be set, although Apple is shipping Final Cut Pro 2 in the US for $999. Expect to see a £700 price tag.