Apple has dropped prices on two of its Titanium PowerBook G4 models, the company announced Friday. The prices went ffective Saturday, with Apple dropping the price of the 400MHz and 500MHZ PowerBooks. The notebooks will now retail for £1,599 and £2,199 (both plus VAT), respectively, Apple said. The cuts apply worldwide. The 400MHz PowerBook G4 features 128M bytes of RAM and a 10GB hard drive, while the 500MHz PowerBook offers 256MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive. Both versions are 1-inch thick (2.5 centimeters), have a 15.2-inch display and a built-in modem. Apple began shipping the PowerBooks in January. The company did not lower the price on its high-end G4, which also features a 500MHz processor, but a larger hard drive, at 30GB, and also an extra battery and AC adapter. That PowerBook will still cost £2,550 plus VAT. The price drops are most likely related to the back-to-school buying season, according to one analyst. "Although the schools typically do their buying in the second quarter, the students are really consumers who decide to buy just before they go back to school," said Roger Kay, an analyst with International Data Corp (IDC). Apple has faced increasing competition in the educational market, mainly from Dell, but also from other vendors, including Gateway and IBM, Kay said. "Dell's been taking a lot of share from (Apple) lately," he said. "Apple is just trying to ensure it gets its share of those back-to-school dollars in the face of rough competition."