After much industry anticipation, AOL will begin offering unmetered, flat-rate Internet access. Long-standing AOL customers will get first crack at the unmetered Internet access plan, priced at £14.99 per month, the company said in a statement. AOL indicated its plans to launch the service in August amid the media firestorm arising out of AltaVista’s admission that its UK unmetered access product was "being put on hold." AOL has consistently pointed to BT as being the major roadblock in its ongoing effort to launch a flat-rate, unmetered Internet service in the UK. "BT has not done what the UK regulators have told them to do," said Matt Peacock, director of corporate communications at AOL Europe. Peacock stressed at the time that AOL would not make unmetered Internet access available until the company was certain it could deliver the service to the consumers at a reasonable price that AOL knows it can afford. Apparently that time is now. The Internet access plan, which includes all subscription and Internet telephone costs, along with free access to the telephone help line, will be rolled out in stages, AOL said. After AOL's "longest-standing customers", who will have access to the service immediately, those who joined AOL prior to September 19 can sign up for the service in "subsequent weeks", AOL said. AOL anticipates making this flat-rate plan available to all UK consumers as soon as possible after its roll-out to members, as telecommunications providers accelerate the rapid build out of unmetered network access across the UK, the company said in its statement.