Antics Technologies has announced that it will cease Web sales of its Antics3D software on November 28, 2008. The company says that the move is the result of a new licensing agreement with Free-D Pictures, a production house for children’s animated films.

Antics says that customers with an existing copy of Antics3D software will be able to continue as long as they wish. Support will be provided for all current subscriptions, and an Antics3D technical team will continue to resolve problems even after subscriptions expire. Users will also be able to access the Antics3D content store online for the next six months, after which the company says it plans to enable customers to download content in bulk.

"We understand that this is disappointing for our loyal user base, but the move was necessary to provide satisfactory returns for our external investors," says Philip Swinstead, chairman of Antics3D. "Even with nearly 20,000 customers, incoming revenue simply doesn’t cover the high costs of development and content production."

A new company, Scene Systems, is being formed to provide dedicated animation services based on Antics3D core technology. Services will be targeted at professional markets such as legal, law enforcement, military, and 3D visualization for manufacturing, planning and training.

"Under the hood, Antics is a very powerful tool for high-end 3D animation," says Swinstead. "We have the technology and expertise to provide a new realm of service in specialized markets."

Antics has published a FAQs document on the its Web site.