Cambridge Animation Systems has announced version 6.0 of its Animo software for Windows and Mac OS X. The company claims that the release contains fifty new features, and will be available this Spring.

Here is a rundown of some of the new features:

  • Layered Adobe Photoshop PSD and TIFF file support, allowing each layer of a background or overlay image to be separately filtered, transformed and composited alongside other Animo elements
  • Layered output, allowing Animo scenes to be output in separated layers to sets of image files, layered PSD files, or layered QuickTime movies for greater flexibility in post-production tools such as Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects
  • An extensive context menu system which gives immediate access to timing, keys, columns and nodes from within the Scene Graph and XSheet
  • Image sequence doping tools, including keyboard doping and a new Artwork Inspector for drag-and-drop doping, allowing integration of third-party sources of animated artwork
  • A Movie node allowing QuickTime or AVI movies to be composited within an Animo scene, plus a Layered Movie node to import layered QuickTime movies
  • Automatic focal plane blurring in the Multiplane Camera allows simulated pull-focus effects
  • Access to image editing during compositing, in third-party applications such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Support for automatic inking in colour models and for automatic inking with blends, saving time when working with coloured-line drawings
  • Reversed drawings, to allow tone areas drawn on the back of drawings to be scanned and automatically aligned with their drawing
  • One-click configuration of license and batch system servers and use of Apple’s Rendezvous technology make it faster than ever to get an Animo network up and running

Animo 6.0 also extends the power of Animo Professional by adding some features previously only available in the optional SFX module, such as the Motion Blur node.

“For Animo 6.0 we decided to focus all our efforts towards answering user requests, and I am really pleased with the results. Our development team has put a lot of effort into this release and I believe it will give our users the best Animo ever,” said Phil Barrett, CTO of Cambridge Animation Systems.

“Animo has always offered a great user experience, and version 6.0 makes it even better than before,” agrees Cormac Slevin, Cambridge’s Product Support Manager. “It’s faster, more powerful, and includes many really useful new features which are based on requests from our customers.”