Production company Strange Beast has announced that director and animator Andy Martin will join its talent roster. Strange Beast will be representing Martin internationally.

Andy Martin started his career at Addiction, where he was instrumental in the creative development of the graphics department. As senior designer Andy directed the rebrand of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror’s TV advertising campaign.

He has been freelance since 2005, and has completed moving-image projects for clients such as Trouble TV, Sky One, DDB Tribal, M&C Saatchi, BBC and Channel 4. In 2007 he designed and directed around 30 idents and titles for E4 Music, featuring distinctive animal-headed, slightly sinister characters.

His most recent project is a fast-paced, colourful short film titled ‘Escape’. Commissioned by Qoob and Alfa Romeo Italy, it marks the launch of the Alfa Mi sportscar and tells the story of one criminal’s dramatic break for freedom and the car of his dreams. Martin says, “I needed to get across the idea of speed and freedom, so a chase involving a break from prison seemed to fit the bill perfectly. This allowed me to create frenetic excitement to fit with the car and also design several scary creatures/ characters to chase my prisoner.”

In the 2D animated film Andy has mixed designed both sets and characters in a way that looks hand made, but at the same time they look very contemporary. The music and sound effects were all composed and recorded by Andy in just two days. The film took just four weeks to make using After Effects, Photoshop, a digital camera, paper, scissors and a very temperamental printer.

Click here to watch the film.

Nicola Finn of Strange Beast commented: “Martin’s work is exciting, quirky, humorous and covers a wide range of media. As soon as I saw his reel I knew that he would be a fantastic addition to the roster.”

Andy Martin said: "Strange Beast has a real passion for the type of work I have been making and they like the same kind of creatures, characters and stories that appeal to me. I loved the work the other directors on the Strange Beast and Passion Pictures roster, and I was chuffed that they wanted me to be part of that."

Strange Beast is a new figure on the animation scene, launching in January this year. A sister division of Passion Pictures, it champions emerging talent, including Encyclopedia Pictura, Amautalab, Lorenzo Fonda, the Black Heart Gang, Takeo and James Price. As well as commercial work, Strange Beast explores creative opportunities for its artists across new media platforms including Web-based media, music videos, short films and art exhibitions.