Digital-Tutors has released Animating Walk Cycles in XSI – the newest release in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for Softimage|XSI 6.

According to the company, artists will learn the fundamentals of character animation using time-saving techniques that provide greater control while creating walk cycles. Animating Walk Cycles in XSI contains over three hours of project-based training developed to increase the artist's productivity and understanding of XSI 6 using a production workflow.

Highlights from Animating Walk Cycles in XSI include: body mechanics of a walk cycle, disposition of the feet for balance, reference points for convincing poses, weight transfer throughout the steps, follow-through and overlapping for realistic fluid motion, and procedures for blocking animation,

Weight and see

The course also covers timing and spacing for believable weight, using exaggeration to accentuate poses for greater interest, methods to accelerate workflow, using simple expressions to shift keys for desired timing, creating advanced controls for greater functionality in character rig, exploring XSI's high level editing system to manipulate poses, utilizing the animation editor to enhance blocked animation, transform parameters for faster key modification, translating walk cycle forward, helpful diagrams for motion clarity, and techniques for building seamless cycles.

A full outline of the training materials can be found on the Digital-Tutors Web site.