Ad agency Mother and director Kim Gehrig of Academy Films has created a compelling tale for Amnesty International, which used the post-production talents of three top houses: Framestore, Rushes and Smoke & Mirrors NY (SMNY).

The film can be seen here.

With Michael Stipe's arresting song Until the Day is Done playing throughout the spot, seven racially diverse individuals are superimposed onto scenes of violence wherein they appear to stand between aggressors and their targets; releasing prisoners, removing nooses off necks and withdrawing weapons from children. The heroes are placed in the heart of nations that are war-torn and plagued with cruelty, in order to attest our own capacity to protect human rights.

SMNY's Sean Broughton says that the project, "was an opportunity to do some real good, so pulling out all the stops was the only way to go. When the time came, I met with director Kim Gehrig in London to work out how every scene and element should be shot. The seven scenes were split up amongst the three post companies involved in the project SMNY, Rushes and Framestore. We had to complete the work in record time, but the ego-less efforts made by all was a joy to be a part of."

"Interaction was a key aspect of the film, so each 'hero' was shot against green screen, with the distance traveled, terrain, camera heights and angles calculated prior to shoot. Lighting was matched to the pre-selected background scenes and everything was shot with locked off camera in HD to allow for movement later in post. Kim wanted to make sure the heroes stood out, so it was an old VHS machine that finished the catalogue of work executed in each scene. The hero character was played off to the old tape format and then matted back in."

Ed Sayers from Mother adds, "There are many ways to approach any post task and in this case we gained the eclectic opinions of all this top worldwide post talent and when anyone talked, everyone listened. So the film received the benefit of all that experience and the joy of all that talent. It couldn't have been done in the time without this total and ego-less cooperation, not to mention a client who allowed everyone to crack on and come back and truly wow them with a very powerful film."