AMD has announced that it is testing its first MirrorBit Flash memory device, and that a 64MB version will be available this summer – with 128MB and 256MB devices to follow later this year. MirrorBit technology is a breakthrough that allows a Flash memory device to hold twice as much data as standard Flash without compromising device endurance, performance or reliability, claims AMD. Using a true multi-bit Flash memory cell that delivers the same levels of performance and reliability as standard NOR Flash, MirrorBit technology allows for the lowest cost production of ultra-high-density Flash devices. “MirrorBit technology represents a paradigm change in the world of Flash memory,” said Kevin Plouse, vice president of technical marketing and business development of AMD’s Memory Group. “With its unique combination of high-density, high-performance and low cost, MirrorBit Flash will offer our customers a strategic competitive advantage and spur the creation of a new set of highly innovative products.”