NXN has announced that it will be creating a plug-in for Softimage|XSI that allows the 3D suite to communicate with the alienbrain production management system for games developers. The alienbrain system is designed to ease the flow of materials from 3D artists to developers automatically. Models saved by artists are immediately delivered to developers in a secure way without the artist or developer having to work through complicated or cross-platform files structures. Softimage|XSI has also been expanded to include support for Elumens projector-based hemispherical display systems. These displays use a 180-degree curved surface to show models in an approximation of 3D. Images from XSI Viewer, the tool’s 3D viewing engine to test how models will look in different environments, can be viewed on Elumens displays. XSI Viewer can current show models as if rendered by Windows versions of OpenGL and Direct3D 7 – and will be released soon to mimic PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.