Alien Skin Software has released of Eye Candy 5: Impact – a set of ten plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible host programs. Impact creates chrome, bevels, glass buttons, perspective shadows, and more. The third of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Impact features three new filters and seven reincarnated Eye Candy classics.

The three new filters are Backlight, which projects dramatic light beam and spotlight effects from behind any selection; Brushed Metal, which simulates textured metal surfaces such as brushed aluminum and polished brass; and Extrude, which give 2D objects a 3D look, adding thickness and perspective.

Other filters include Chrome for creating a reflective, embossed effect that simulates chrome, liquid metal and other shiny surfaces; Glass which renders a colourful, gel layer over selections; Gradient Glow which creates soft glows or hard outlines around any selection; and Motion Trail for creating the illusion of rapid movement. The Perspective Shadow filter renders an easy-to-use selection of drop, perspective and cast shadows, and Super Star generates a wide variety of shapes, including stars, flowers and gears.

Impact uses familiar keyboard shortcuts and is scriptable with Photoshop actions. Its presets provide over 200 quick and easy effects and the new version features an improved settings management system with support for 16-bit and CMYK images, says Alien Skin Software.

The estimated street price for Impact is $99. Registered users of other Alien Skin Software products will receive discount pricing when ordering direct from the company web site.