Alias|Wavefront has begun shipping mental ray rendering technology for its 3D modelling and animation tool Maya. Available as an optional and fully integrated plug-in renderer, mental ray for Maya offers the features and tools available in the mental ray renderer version 3.0 from mental images. In addition to this new rendering option, Alias|Wavefront is also offering mental ray stand-alone licences for increased interactive rendering speed within Maya as well as for use in batch rendering. "Both Maya and the mental ray renderer from mental images are regarded within industry circles as world-class production tools," states Chris Ford, senior Maya product manager, Alias|Wavefront. "For some time there has been a strong push from within the industry for us to unite the two. In response, we are delighted to release mental ray for Maya, a product which provides a seamless workflow between the mental ray renderer and Maya’s unparalleled capabilities." Prices for mental ray for Maya are as follows (all prices plus VAT): - mental ray for Maya node locked (dual CPU) £3,352 per licence - mental ray for Maya floating (dual CPU) £4,024 per licence - mental ray stand-alone floating (1-7 CPUs) £1,636 per CPU - mental ray stand-alone floating (8 - 47 CPUs) £1,049 per CPU - mental ray stand-alone floating (over 47 CPUs) - £840 per CPU.