Maya-maker Alias|Wavefront today announced that it's launching a new "Completely Unlimited" promotion which will run throughout March. Under the terms of the offer, anyone who buys a license for Maya Complete, the company's standard edition of the 3D graphics and animation package, will instead receive Maya Unlimited for the same price. Normally Maya Complete costs £6,360 plus VAT, and Maya Unlimited runs for £13,560 plus VAT, so there's a significant cost savings. Maya Unlimited features functionality not found in the Complete package, including Maya Fur, Maya Live, Maya Cloth, subdivision surfaces and other advanced modelling functionality. Annual Full Maintenance packages for Maya Unlimited licenses acquired through this promotion can also be purchased as the cost of Maya Complete Full Maintenance agreements, according to Alias|Wavefront. Normally, the cost of a Maya Unlimited Full Maintenance package is £2,760, and the cost of a Maya Complete Full Maintenance package is £1,320. The cost of the maintenance packages includes both support and any upgrades that occur within the maintenance period. The "Completely Unlimited" promotion begins on Friday March 1, and runs through Friday, March 29, 2002. Note that this only applies to Maya for Windows, Linux and Irix – as no Mac version of Maya Unlimited is currently available. What's more, anyone who's made a purchase of Maya Complete after December 28th, 2001 but before the beginning of the promotion can get the free upgrade to Maya Unlimited, as long they purchase or have purchased a maintenance package for the applicable license.