Idustrial Revolution has released the Particle Metrix plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4 and Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion. Particle Metrix runs through Noise Industries' FxFactory plug-in architecture.

With Particle Metrix, visual effects artists can add or turn their objects, including text or video, into a particle effect. This includes natural particles such as snow, fire, ice, dust and smoke as well as supernatural effects trails, glitters, bubbles, and sparkles.

The plug-in's interface design enables users to quickly browse the library of professionally designed preset particle effects. The contextual menus provide a workflow for designing effects. Beneath the surface of the organized workspace is an extensive list of controls, giving users control over every aspect of the particle effect, including rotation, size, gravity, velocity, and transparency.

Particle Metrix also features XYZ control of particle gravity and over 50 professionally designed presets. Idustrial Revolution says that its optimized for Apple hardware, allowing fast previews and even faster renders.

Particle Metrix costs US$99 (around £60) from the Noise Industries website.