John Nack, principal product manager for Adobe Photoshop, has revealed the company is looking to fix known issues with the recently released Photoshop CS4.

The 'John Nack on Adobe,' blog quotes Photoshop performance QE lead Adam Jerugim, following issues raised by Windows users of Photoshop CS4.

Nack notes that since Photoshop CS4 shipped, Adobe has heard from some customers about various things not working, in particular, some Windows XP configurations can exhibit slowdowns.

"A number of problems can be traced back to problems with video card drivers, but there are changes that Photoshop needs to make to improve the situation, and we're working on an update that'll be released soon," says Nack.

Jerugim's user to user forum post reads:

"Over the past few months we've been working directly with a handful of users to test and verify a change that should help a majority of users who are experiencing performance problems running PS CS4 on Windows."

"In an effort to ensure that this change addresses the issues we hope it does, we've created a small pre-release program that we're opening to public volunteers," it continues.

Jerugim then asks users to email him at "adam dot jerugim at adobe dot com".